Bracelet Made Some Common Problems

Bracelet made some common problems
First, the high-end bracelet custom price how to have an advantage?
The price is the Bracelet more concerned about the issue, every guest wants to buy high quality products at the United States. Therefore, Bracelets in the custom bracelet, often ask you how the price, there is no advantage and other issues.
In fact, the price is relative, each enterprise products due to product quality, service, etc. are not the same, the price will certainly have a difference. A business integrated aspects of the strength, that is, quality, service is also important. So, there is no cheapest price, only a relatively reasonable price. We have many years of bracelet production and nameplate production experience, with the same products, services, etc., we are still more advantages.
Second, what information need to provide you can provide a specific offer?
In general, if you want to get a specific offer, you need to provide the number of bracelets, size, thickness, material and packaging, etc. whether there are special requirements, as well as bracelet drawings and so on. You can mail or QQ, MSN and other instant messaging tools sent to us, and then by our engineering staff after the accounting offer to you.
Three, what type of bracelet for me? My bracelet with what material more appropriate?
To make their own bracelet, one depends on the use of bracelets, in general, used in some important occasions such as anniversary celebration, etc., suitable for the production of high-end bracelets, such as enamel bracelets or imitation bracelets, if only the general promotion, etc. The production of printed bracelets or tinplate bracelets, etc .; Second, look at the design of the bracelet, the color of a single and each color can be separated from the metal lines, you can consider enamel, imitation enamel or paint bracelet; three depends on your price requirements range, you The price is no requirement, can produce enamel or imitation enamel bracelet, mid-range printing bracelet and bite bracelet, cheap tinplate bracelet and so on.
Bracelet with what material, which first depends on the needs of Bracelets to bracelet a variety of materials, copper the most expensive, zinc alloy, iron, aluminum followed, of which tinplate tinplate bracelet is the cheapest. In addition, but also look at the bracelet production process, such as enamel bracelet custom (also known as cloisonne bracelet), need to use copper, imitation enamel available copper, can also be used zinc alloy or iron; tinplate bracelet must use tinplate as material; No restrictions, mainly to see the Bracelet's price requirements.
Fourth, I am not very understanding of the bracelet process, I do not know what kind of bracelet bracelet?
There are many kinds of bracelet craft, enamel, imitation enamel, paint, biting and Dijiao, etc., specific to a bracelet for what kind of process, is determined by many factors, you first have to go to understand each bracelet Process differences, and the characteristics of different bracelets.
5, the color of the bracelet with the price there is no relationship?
Bracelet color and bracelet technology is relatively large, in general, if there is no gradual color and each color separated by the metal lines, available enamel, imitation enamel, paint, etc., if there is gradual color, can only produce printing Bracelet or tinplate bracelet. If it is enamel, imitation enamel or paint bracelet, in general, the price difference between the four kinds of color, if too much color, will increase the cost of labor, the price may also be increased accordingly. In general, the increase in color will increase the cost of 0.1 yuan. Be sure to look at your bracelet pattern with custom quantity. The number of large, the difference we can absorb.
Six, why sometimes produced out of the bracelet color with the design drawings have errors?
This is usually due to the difference between the computer screen and the actual color. Some guests see the color on the computer is very good, but the bracelet produced after the color error, which is due to confirm the color when the screen is to see the color (and each person's computer screen bright, resolution, color may be different , See also not the same), and the actual production is based on PANTONE international color to the system. As long as the color number to identify, to confirm the same color number, the actual color will be consistent. So when looking at color must pay attention to color and PANTONE number in order to obtain the desired results.