Buy Necklace Need To Pay Attention To Several Basic Issues

Buy Necklace need to pay attention to several basic issues
Buy Necklace almost become a fashion buyer's daily activities, but most people buy Necklace when only picking a good look, forget how to pick for their own Necklace. But we should pay attention, because some people's neck long, some people's neck is short, thick and thin, there are round face ah, side face and so many, so that according to their face to buy Necklace is the best.
Necklace can be divided into two types: neck Necklace, called short Necklace; hanging in the collar outside the collar, up to the chest of the chest chain, known as the long Necklace. In China's jewelry market to sell the product, generally 42 cm and 54 cm pearl Necklace and gem Necklace most common, 107 cm gem long Necklace is also visible, this long Necklace is often tall and chic women Love; a small number of medium-sized women will be long Necklace around two laps in the chest, but also quite distinctive. Buy Necklace generally note:
Jewelry color and color, age, match: young people color moisture, buy Necklace when the choice of ivory, pearl Necklace will appear harmonious, quiet; and the choice of colorful jewelry Necklace will appear spirited, extraordinary. Older people choose jade, green pine Lin, will appear young, dignified.
According to the characteristics of the neck: the choice of Necklace to wear should be caused by Shen Shen error to make up for the lack of neck. Such as: neck long people to choose large and short Necklace, so that it occupies a certain position in the neck, the visual can reduce the length of the neck; short neck will have to choose small and long Necklace and so on.
Consider the face of the factors: long face type should choose short or double sets, three sets, if the choice of long Necklace wear will make the face more elongated, it is necessary to consciously choose the medium length Necklace, with the appropriate clothing To make the face "shortened". Round face women do not choose the card neck Necklace, it will make the round face more exaggerated, and therefore appropriate to make face "elongated", the best choice for chain with pendant Necklace.
Choose the right length: When you want to buy a Necklace or pendant, consider the length of the Necklace to reach the chest somewhere. Remember that the longer Necklace highlights the charm of the chest, while the shorter Necklace mainly highlights the beauty of its neck curve.
Want to light their own wear, you need to rely on accessories to increase the rate of return! Really exquisite woman, in the selection of accessories is also very particular about. For example: how to determine the length of the Necklace, how different Necklace with clothes!
In the online shopping Necklace, if there is no model real shot, is it difficult to estimate the approximate length? So, to save this picture it! Control picture can know where to wear to our body which part of the matter.
What is the price of pearl Necklace? Pearl Necklace price depends on what factors? Pearl Necklace made of pearl jewelry, the pearl will be drilling with string together, forming a beautiful pearl Necklace. Wearing pearl Necklace on the human body has a certain role in nursing. Pearl pearl goods are divided into two categories: one for the natural production of pearls; one for the artificial breeding of pearls, known as "raising beads", the Department of raw stone granules or sand into the clam shell after years of formation The
People will always worry about their selection of pearl Necklace and matching jewelry, and different styles of different levels of pearl Necklace prices are also different. How to buy according to their own budget? The following is the price of several pearls, you can refer to.