Couple Ring Wear Method

Couple Ring wear method
Many lovers like to engage or get married or festive time to send each other to send a Ring, a diamond Ring, emerald Ring, gold Ring and so on different types and styles, but you know the origin of the Ring, Ring wear law, The I think most people are not so clear, then Xiaobian open to everyone to talk about. It is said that the Ring originated in the ancient Chinese court, women weaRing a Ring is used to note, a Ring "forbidden" "stop" sign. At that time the emperor had three houses, six homes, seventy-two concubines, in the harem by the emperor saw the eunuch to write down her date with the king, and in her right hand weaRing an silver Ring as a mark. When the concubine pregnancy, told the eunuch, gave a gold Ring to wear on the left hand to show the Ring body.
Later the Ring turned into a marriage token. After the 14th century, European women wear Rings generally up. WeaRing on which fingers, but also gradually become a convention.
WeaRing Rings is the language of love. Rings are usually worn on the left hand (weaRing right hand is not easy to do things)
In foreign countries, do not wear a Ring also said that "there is no master flower, you can chase me." According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, it is associated with the heart, so it is meaningful to talk about the Ring on the left hand. The more popular international law is:
Index finger - want to get married, that unmarried; middle finger - has been in love; Ring finger - that has been engaged or married; little finger - that single.
As for the right hand, in the traditional also have a finger weaRing a Ring when it makes sense: that is Ring finger. It is said to wear here, that has a nun's heart.
Thumbs on the general do not wear a Ring, such as weaRing that is looking for the object; worn on the index finger that want to marry; worn on the middle finger that has been engaged or have the object; worn on the Ring finger that has been engaged or married; On the expression of celibacy or divorce. Some people with a more simple "chase, seeking, set, marriage, from" five words that the Ring were worn on five fingers on the meaning and implied.
If unmarried girl. Should wear in the right hand of the middle finger or Ring finger, otherwise, will make many seekers discouraged. In foreign countries, do not wear a Ring also said that "there is no master flower, you can chase me." And modern people have not rigidly adhere to this set of rules, as long as they like, wear in which finger does not matter.
For men - weaRing a silver Ring that mild temperament, easy to accommodate others. Dai Jin Ring who pay more attention to interests, often have a smart business mind. WeaRing jade emerald who pay attention to the quality of taste, rigorous work.
For ladies - like pink or pink coral, rich and romantic. Favorite ruby people like fire. Like sapphire or sapphire, more indifferent to the inside. Love emerald or Turkish stone, emotional delicate.
Fingers and Rings - Rings are worn on different fingers, can reflect the psychological meaning associated with the character. Likes to wear in the index finger, the character is more stubborn stubborn. Hi in the right middle finger, advocating the doctrine of the concept of life. Hi weaRing the left middle finger, there is a sense of responsibility, attention to the family. Hi weaRing a little finger, there is a sense of inferiority. Hi weaRing in the Ring finger, no ambition, easy-going, do not care about gains and losses.
Ring is not just an ornament, you like to wear what kind of Ring, like to wear any finger, will reveal your heart story.
First of all, from the finger and the Ring of the match: the index finger is a strong finger in the fingers of the fingers, so the Ring to have a strong sense of presence and characteristics, and it can match. The shape of the Ring should be long, inlaid gem should be large and high; middle finger is a strong nature of the fingers, plus it is located in the middle, therefore, weaRing a Ring must have a balanced role. Square, cross-shaped Ring round Ring, will make the left and right look balance; Ring finger is considered the most slender and beautiful fingers, and this finger match the Ring, including traditional and elegant style; pure gold or pearl It's all good.