Dai Yu Bracelet Benefits And Taboos

Bracelet Dai Yu bracelet benefits and taboos

  1. not your jade, you do not bring in the body. Their own jade can protect themselves

  Some people say that jade will block disaster, some people encountered some accidents, but people nothing, just jade broken, and this is jade to help you block the disaster

  3. It is best not to wear jade, especially jade on the blood Qin. Jade is a memory, he may record a lot of resentment, some people are wearing old jade began to grow sick, and even a nightmare. So that the ancient jade do not wear this is the rules. With ancient jade appear in a variety of things too much

  4. Ancient jade is not necessary to open the light, so do not be cheated

  5. jade and people together to see the fate of the fate of jade can raise people

  6. jade can be sent to buy but can not be sent by white people. You take someone else to send the jade, that jade is not your protection of God. But it is difficult to point, you are helping people block disaster

  7. Xinyu very picky to the owner, will not easily become who the jade, so just start wearing a new jade when there will be some stumbling, always ring true. But if you are not in the time or did not leave it, over time he will recognize you, and then began to shelter you

  8. jade and people contact for a long time, it will slowly affected by the people, and people will be affected by the impact of jade. If the wearer is a good man then the body of his jade on the positive strength of the full security of the insured; if the wicked, then the jade hostility will be very heavy but will worry

  9. The ancients cloud: a gentleman for no reason, jade leave the body. Their own friends with jade, especially from the beginning with a small, no special reason is best not easy to win down

  10. old people say that jade is a memory of aura, so Dai Yu to wear a new pit of the jade, the old pit of jade who knows what people before wearing ah. Jade is usually only loyal to a person, so that people can not wear jade jade, especially jade, mostly buried jade

  11. If the jade is broken, it must be to help you block the disaster, but you do not know to use red paper (cloth) wrapped up buried, this is the "burial jade" reasons. After the best to give yourself a piece of time

  12. with jade do not bring the kind of blood Qin. Natural blood Qin very few very few are illegal businessmen forged live live live dog live dog buried in the ground for some time after the formation.

  13. jade is a spiritual, worn on the body for more than three months do not casually picked up, give it no more

  14. Bracelet Also we should all know, male Dai Guanyin female Dai Buddha

  China has thousands of years of jade culture, in short, is the people raising jade, jade care, jade a lot of stories, are interested, then we have a lot of attention! Yutian sheep fat jade is China and the world recognized jade boutique, the history of the prestigious ancient and modern two thousand years, green jade, blue and white production price of excellent price, sugar white jade, white jade in the most expensive suet white jade, its price is very expensive , Has been up to several times the gold or even several times its fine texture, gather the essence of the world of the mountains and rivers of the essence of ancient and modern legend is very magical can be fierce and security.

  What are the benefits of jade?

  The ancients talk about jade for the United States, gold is priceless jade priceless. Jade buried underground thousands of years or hundreds of millions of years, jade contains a lot of mineral elements, so people often say that people support jade jade support people, if the person's physical long-term wear jade can moist jade, jade head is the degree of refraction will be more The better, getting brighter. If the human body is not good long-term wear jade, jade in the mineral elements will slowly let the body absorb the health effects, such as Ms. Dai's bracelet usually with left hand, because the heart is good. Jade for the pillow and brain Cong, the ancient emperor would like to use jade to do pillows, longevity to the ancient Chinese emperors are long with jade pillow. And like "Compendium of Materia Medica" also has the role of jade health care.

  The benefits of Dai Yu

  Bracelet Since ancient times, China has a "jade of the country," the reputation of the ancients as jade, as treasures wear. Ancient medical book called "jade is the beauty of the people, the sweet nature of non-toxic", and said the jade is the body's most abundant material. That sucking with jade, with saliva and its synergistic effect, "so that jade is not only as jewelry, ornaments, decoration of the stone, in addition to the stomach of the heat, flat trouble melancholy, heart and lungs, Use, but also for health and fitness. Since ancient times the emperors of the emperor concubines keep away from jade, and Song Huizong addicted to jade addiction, Yang Guifei jade town.

  Jade health mechanism has been confirmed by modern science. According to chemical analysis, jade contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to the human body, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, cobalt, etc., wear jade can make trace elements absorbed by the human skin, activation of cell tissue, The immune function. Therefore, Chinese medicine said, "Some drugs can not cure medicine, often wear jade but cure disease," the reason lies in this. If you wear jade bracelet long-term benign massage, not only passive in addition to blurred vision of the disease, and can be vitality, raising spirit.