Earring Earrings Legend

Earring Earrings legend in ancient times, people pay attention to "ears like a round, eyes big God", pay attention to appearance to take people, that the earlobe is a symbol of no good fortune. But a man born, born a small earlobe, and what way to make up for it? Legend, only wearing earrings. In order to elongate the ear wheel. Therefore, women like to wear a pair of earrings.

  Asked the origin of this custom, the legend, or the Three Kingdoms Diao Chan handed down it Diao Chan was originally the Eastern Han Dynasty at the end of the emperor when the emperor Xu Yun a song *, she looks outstanding appearance, singing and dancing, color art is superb, very favored by Wang Yun, to daughter and daughter. At that time, Dong Zhuo authoritarian, relying on the emperor to make princes, ministers of his hated, but dare not speak out. Wang nine for the matter is also depressed, all day long tea meal. Diao Chan Although the female flow, Wang Yun's mind, but she was in the eyes of the case, pieces in mind. She will be greeted, as the owner points to worry about worry. In a moonlight night, Diao Chan in the garden set up incense case, as the owner of the prayer. She was devoutly ignited three pillars of incense, worship a day and said: "moon moon moon, you are bright as white wash, I know my family old heart trouble? Heaven heaven ah! I Diao Chan Although female flow generation, master maid, if Master to share the sorrow, I would like to die. "Just at this time, Wang Yun worry because of worry about the country, the night can not sleep soundly, came to the back garden full moon.

  Earring He heard someone pray, quickly hiding behind a rockery, quietly. He listened to the wishes of the mink aunt, feeling very excited and grateful, busy come up, arm from the song. Wang Yun asked mink servant: "You pray to the moon tomorrow, for my share of worries, we can know where I worry worry worry!" Diao Chan said: "Of course know." Wang Yun asked: "Since that, what "Wang Yun listen, and suddenly touched by the woman's generosity and boldness, immediately, the man was able to kill the fire, Find Diao Chan as daughter. Later Wang Yun and Diao Chan collegiate: first Diao Chan dedicated to Dong Zhuo, and then secretly made Lu Bu, to leave between the two, so that Dong Lu two infighting, killing each other. Diaoxiao earlobe small, afraid of their lack of the United States, so that Dong, Lu two people look down, so conspiracy fall. She tried to make up for a long time, and finally came up with a good law, at home took some pieces of silver, called the silversmith to make a pair of silver earrings, hanging on the earlobe.

  So after a long time, earlobes really bigger, for her beauty and added a lot of beauty. Dong Zhuo see Diao Chan rejoicing! Lu Bu saw Diao Chan fascinated, so Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu because of this beauty and fierce fighting. But also because of Lu Bu Diao chess pass, fear found, uneasy. Wang Yun designed to make Lu Bu for the results, Dong Zhuo was killed. Since then, wearing earrings also spread to the people.