Emerald Bracelet Size Measurement Method

Emerald Bracelet size measurement method
In the online purchase of jade Bracelets, the size of the size of the biggest is not the biggest problem, there are many friends only according to their own preferences to choose the Bracelet, do not pay attention to the size of the size of each Bracelet is unique, it is difficult to have Customize the size of the said, so I wrote a special article here to remind you in the online selection of jade Bracelet before the first to determine their size.
 Measure the size of known Bracelets
If you already have a jade Bracelet (gold and silver Bracelets, Bracelet except Oh), and I do not know the size of the size, it is very simple, and find a ruler to measure the diameter of the Bracelet on the OK, as shown below:
 Go to the local shopping malls or jade shop try
If you intend to buy a favorite online Bracelet, then look for opportunities to go to the physical store try the size of it, where they generally have calipers, try to do not forget to ask the size of Oh, the traditional caliper are generally 12,18,20 These figures refer to the Bracelet circumference, but now the new caliper has a direct label inside the Bracelet diameter, from the smallest 50 to the largest 72, if only know the circumference Is 16, then divided by 3.14 it, get the data is the inner diameter of the Bracelet, we correspond to calculate to see.
 Measure the Bracelet size with a red line
1, select the Bracelet size is to see the inner diameter of the Bracelet may be. You can according to the way, the thumb and tail fingers as close as possible, please help with the amount of soft feet measured mm length, divided by 3.14, that is suitable for your Bracelet inner ring. Like a little loose or slightly tight friends, you can add 10 ~ 20mm before and after, should not be too large.
2, the handle naturally flat, do not taut, with a line around the palm of the palm of the width of the circumference, the amount of time if the hand is very soft ladies can measure the amount of hand bone can be measured to the amount of rigid The degree of tightness can be, the final amount of the length of your outlet is the size of your hand. The amount of circumference divided by 3.14, plus 1 ~ 2mm is suitable for your Bracelet diameter. For example: you measured the circumference is 170mm, then 170 / 3.14 + 1 ~ 2 = 55 ~ 56mm.
3, in the election Bracelet, the Bracelet can be worn into four long fingers (except the thumb) and to the "tiger's mouth", feel a little tight, and then remove the Bracelet, measuring the diameter, for example, just 55 Mm, then, this size is suitable for your circle of the mouth. Some people like to wear a little bit loose, when you choose, choose the circle big 1 ~ 2 mm, so that it can be easily put on and removed. There are some people used to wear a small Bracelet, or put on do not intend to take down, so, you can in turn reduce the size of 1 to 2 mm. Generally in the choice, you should try to wear. Try to wear, you can apply some detergent or soapy water in the hands, and ask people to help, with the point of the Bracelet can be worn into the wrist can, please read: Bracelet wear method.
 Bracelet size measurement precautions
1, if you choose the oval of the Bracelet, then the diameter of the Bracelet in addition to 2MM, personal preference is tight, it is recommended that you use two methods, the first kind of tight, the first two kind of loose, but absolutely can not Dry hand wearing Bracelets, so when you wet hands when you do not care about a Bracelet is easy to fly out, as to fly out of the N results Well, we all know it!
2, the above Bracelet size measurement methods, each have their own shortcomings, you'd better as much as possible for each Bracelet size measurement methods are tried, and then measure several times and then find the average. This is more accurate.
3, the size of women's Bracelets depends on the size of women's hands, fat and thin, soft and hard. Experts as long as the palm of your hand will know how to wear large size Bracelet. General women - lack of experience, may wish to take test sets of methods. Test sets are not the whole hand are set into, but will be out of the thumb, with four fingers test set about, such as through the palm of your hand to reach the tiger's mouth, the feeling is not very tight slightly, then, this Bracelet is basically able to wear Go in, the size is more suitable. Bracelet worn into the wrist, such as hanging in the hand, indicating size, should be a re-election. Bracelet size is not only a cumbersome sense, uncomfortable, hinder work, but also often come across to touch, easy to Bracelet crashed. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right Bracelet.