Future Development Of Necklace Industry

Future development of Necklace industry

Necklace is to use the Necklace processed into all kinds of accessories, in recent years, the traditional Necklace, and is loved by numerous consumer especially female consumers of some ethnic minorities in our country, such as the miao silversmith industry is very developed. But compared with foreign brands, the brand popularity of Chinese Necklace is not high enough. Compared with the gold, platinum, such as jewelry, jewelry, Necklace cost is lower, the price is low, is mass consumption can act the role of article, especially the young consumer groups, Necklace both meet the needs of their fashion, and closer to their purchasing power.

Necklaces are more secure than other accessories because the alloy is more or less harmful to the human body, especially the Necklaces, which are directly linked to the skin. Plain is the characteristic of Necklace, neither costly nor tacky, suitable for people to wear. In the consumption area of the Necklace, big cities consume faster than smaller cities, the south consumes faster than the north, and the city consumes faster than the countryside. As a kind of jewelry consumer goods, the Necklace is influenced by subjective factors, which makes jewelry sales and economy often do not agree. In recent years, the Necklace because of growing and becoming more and more attention of the sales, after all the Necklace by competition from various fields, such as gold, crystal ornaments, and enhance the innovative high-tech products.

Not cold, not dazzling, downy, low-key, is the biggest feeling that Necklace gives us, and the most direct source of this feeling is the Necklace hua but not proud to let a person infatuate luster. The person who loves the Necklace will continue to ask, why does the Necklace have this kind of luster, and how does this kind of luster produce? Today, let's find out.

As we all know, the raw material silver that we make the Necklace, although the color is silver white, but its surface is rough, lacklustre. So how did it come about? The first thing to mention is that when we make Necklaces, we have to polish the surface of the Necklace to make it shine. Because the Necklace belongs to high-grade precious metal jewelry, craft exquisite, in order to ensure that the polishing, general Necklace grinding is done by hand, only a handful of shoddy, cheap Necklaces, completed by roller polishing machine polishing. Grinding a Necklace, you need to use the fine cotton cloth wheel on professional machines, slowly make a Necklace each surface grinding and fine seam, angles, manual grinding played advantage is bright and uniform, fine and no dead Angle.

The so-called "plum blossom sweet from the bitter cold, bao jianfeng from grinding out", after the grinding of the Necklace of beautiful transformation, light color, and the Necklace that we usually wear is not too big difference. But because of the change of color and blackening properties of silver, if we wear it like this, it will soon change color and lose light. Therefore, we have to go through electroplating process to keep the brightness and durability and wearable. Electroplating process can prevent the oxidation of the Necklace, and can increase the brightness of the Necklace looks more shiny, after dealing with the two process of Necklace really can shine, shine and good.

Finally, the light of the Necklace, apart from the need to polish and polish these processes, the most important thing is the need to wear human care. As is to maintain daily between the wearer and his beloved Necklace a break-in, over time, each a Necklace of "small temper" will slowly from being discovered by the master, only by constantly adjust, change, both sides can become part of each other's life.