Girls For Wearing Earring

Girls for wearing Earring
Long face girl suitable for wearing Earring? Choose Earring can be in accordance with your face, color and personal preferences to choose, which is more important is the face of this factor, the election right, you can add a lot of girls Oh! Girls for wearing Earring.
Recommended 1, close to the ears of the Earring
Long face girls choose the Earring close to the ear, try to reduce the sense of vertical extension, to avoid the face looks longer.
Recommended 2, fan-shaped Earring
Long face of the ladies seem rational, deep and full of wisdom, but also easy to give old-fashioned, aloof impression, so choose a novel fan-shaped Earring, can be a good vision to improve the long face of the girl's face lines, giving Close feeling.
Recommended 3, square Earring
Long face girl face is relatively long, if you wear a square Earring, you can reduce the extension of facial lines.
Round face girls for wearing Earring? Round face girls in the choice of Earring, the first thing to consider is what Earring can make their face shape was longer. Next, Xiao Bian to tell you a round face girl wearing Earring skills!
Pendant Earring are the first choice for round face MM, because the pendant Earring will stretch your face shape. Round face when you choose the Earring must choose a long section, skinny, please away from the square, large round Earring, that is, to avoid the big circular image repeated in the face around, because that kind of Earring will make your The face looks wider.
Earring most suitable for round face type of women to wear, long Earring hanging down, can make the face oval aesthetic effect.
Egg Earring girls are suitable for wearing Earring? Earring are often one of the accessories children wear, and different faces of the girls suitable for wearing the style will be different, if you are more perfect oval face, then how should choose Earring The
Recommended 1, water droplets Earring
Oval face is the most pleasant face, almost all of the shape of the Earring are suitable for picking, especially in the water drops Earring more beautiful charm.
Recommended 2, triangular Earring
If you are a melon face, you can wear large upper Earring, such as triangular and other styles of Earring, this can increase the weight of the face of the beauty of the face, so that the face looks more straight run.
Recommended 3, pearl Earring
Oval face basically wear any style Earring can be, if the girls skin white, then you can wear pearl Earring, so that your beautiful Earring appear, even more beautiful.
Egg face girl suitable for wearing Earring? Wear Earring according to various factors to consider, and select the Earring of the primary premise, it is face. Different face of the MM, suitable Earring style is also very different. Take a look at the oval face girl for wearing Earring.
Recommended 1, geometric Earring
Egg face face distribution is more balanced, no matter what kind of Earring will be very satisfied. Angular sharp geometric shape, especially the inverted triangle of the most visual face-lift miraculous.
Recommended 2, gourd-shaped Earring
Egg face cheekbones in the middle of the widest, chin into a circular arc, it is more rounded, some slightly slender Earring more suitable, such as gourd-shaped.
Recommended 3, round Earring
Egg face, whether from the front, or from the side to see, are delicate and soft and has a three-dimensional, people feel the proportion of coordination, symmetry, lines clear, so the most simple round Earring are also suitable.