Gold Bracelet Deformation How To Do

Gold Bracelet deformation how to do
Gold Bracelet deformation how to do? We all know that gold jewelry is easy to deformation, especially some small grams of gold jewelry, such as rings and the like, because the wear more frequently, and daily life will inevitably bump, a long time to gradually deformed, Then how to do the gold Bracelet deformation? How to wear gold Bracelet is not deformed? Here we look at the next.
Is the gold Bracelet deformed normally?
The texture of gold is softer. Its hardness and hardness of the nail not much, in the case of long-term wear, there will be deformation of the situation. So our gold jewelry also need a good maintenance, like clothes, but also to dry cleaners to clean maintenance.
Gold Bracelet deformation how to do
1, take the original purchase of gold shop, so that professional maintenance division back to the original Mo Yang. If only a little bit of deformation, you can try to see if you can break back round.
2, if the gold Bracelet is a very complicated process of luxury models, and the deformation is very serious, professional repair master can not repair, you can put the gold Bracelet to re-create, resulting in gold earrings, gold rings, or gold necklaces.
3, if the gold Bracelet deformation is not powerful, then does not affect the appearance, you can continue to wear.
4, you can also to the original purchase, for trade-in, or the recovery of gold Bracelets, and then buy other like gold Bracelets or other jewelry.
Now, with the rise of the antique market, more and more people began to join the ranks of the collection, with all kinds of agate market to make many Tibetan friends sad, then how to identify true and false agate Bracelet? Concerned about the problem, the following we look at the true and false agate Bracelet should be how to identify.
Agate Bracelet true and false identification method
A color identification
Natural agate Bracelet color pure and rich, and the color clarity is relatively high, from the appearance point of view, the color is bright and natural, the surface has red stripes, and in the red ribbon stripes still exist in the red spots, these red Spot distribution is very dense. And the artificial agate Bracelet does not exist these features, the most obvious point is that in the bottom of the artificial agate Bracelet usually with chrysanthemum-like pattern, and the color of artificial agate than the natural agate color to bleak many, artificial agate Bracelet surface to see Up, the color is more turbid, and no gloss.
Second texture identification
Artificial agate Bracelets are usually made of stone processing, so the hardness of artificial agate Bracelet is very low, the texture is usually much lighter than the natural agate. The most effective is the use of jade on the agate Bracelet friction, natural agate will not change, but the surface of artificial agate will appear very obvious scratches.