How To Choose An Earring

How to choose an Earring
In all jewelry, the Earrings in the human body the most obvious, the most important face, therefore, the right choice and wear a brother is a very important beauty knowledge. As with the principles described in the previous section, wearing Earrings should be noted that the Earrings are coordinated with the face, color, body, clothing and use to achieve the best cosmetic results. With the face, color and size of gold and silver coordination
Skin color selection Earrings
Colorful white: choose some of the more concentrated color Earrings, such as bright red, dark purple, brown or talk about red Earrings. This color - like the choice of Earrings color is relatively large, most of the hue Earrings can get a better decorative effect.
Bronze skin: to wear color, bright Earrings, such as milky white ivory Earrings, creamy agate Earrings, light green moonlight Earrings or light purple crystal Earrings.
Yellower color: to wear a variety of silver Earrings, white gold alloy Earrings better.
Darker color: choose silver-white Earrings as well. Golden Earrings are suitable for all kinds of skin color, it is a mild warm, pure, bright, rich feeling. Pearl color is also suitable for a variety of skin color, whether it is white skin or other colors, pearl Earrings can play the same effect.
Temperament selection Earrings
One side of the soil and water to raise one side, Earrings and temperament to match each person's living environment and the education of different, cultivated temperament is also different, so we should choose their own Earrings, or not only can not give others beauty, but will To others have the feeling of copycat, to others pure feeling of people, must wear the kind of decoration is not a lot of Earrings, to others rich feeling, must wear the kind of high-end point of the Earrings
Earrings also have a sense of identity
Earrings and clothing, like, with age, personality and identity. Work can wear a simple Earrings with a suit, to pay attention to the inserts, work too thick, will reduce the sense of the value of Earrings. Exaggerated geometric shapes, rugged wooden Earrings, gypsy-style giant ring is very wild taste, and casual class of denim clothing, jacket to match, can make people full of bold modern. Wearing Earrings should also be coordinated with age, young girls should wear polygons and other modeling sense, dynamic strong Earrings, Earrings, to shape full of youthful vitality, vibrant image, for the manufacture of Earrings material, not necessarily too Too demanding. While middle-aged women must wear a texture of jewelry category Earrings, superior quality perception than the shape of a unique and more important.