How To Clean Up The Brass Ring

How to clean up the brass Ring

The most practical way is to use a piece of cloth dipped in toothpaste gently Sassafras to the light so far, if the use of polishing paste instead of toothpaste effect is better, and finally in the treated bracelet coated with a layer of nail polish, the bracelet in the air isolated to prevent Reoxidation discoloration.

Brass Ring and gold Ring, although somewhat similar, but the difference is still very large, brass color is relatively dark, hard gold flashing bright colors, relatively soft. Gold compared with the brass Ring, gold has a strong sense of heavy, on the palm of the hand has a sense of oppression, because the proportion of gold is 19.32g / cm3, while the proportion of brass only 8.9g / cm3. Gold color of the more yellow, the fineness of the better, if reddish, then the high copper impurities; if partial white, then the high silver impurities, the gold fineness are low.

Copper has been used to promote health since ancient times in different ways. Ancient Egyptians use it to purify drinking water, and cultures around the world, it is a form of medicine used to wait for bitter sore throat, eye infections, skin condition. It also applies to wounds in order to prevent infection. In modern times, copper is found to have antibacterial properties that make it very suitable for ancient use. Copper can be used on the surface or woven into the fabric to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Like some other metals, including iron and zinc, copper is a useful diet, although the amount of toxic excess. Copper is essential for the metabolism of all animals and plants. Adults recommended daily intake of 0.9 mg / day. Diet copper AIDS in the cardiovascular system, as well as promote a healthy immune system and bone health. These benefits can only come from the intake of copper, do not wear copper Ring. Some natural sources of dietary copper shellfish, organ meat, beans, nuts, whole wheat, green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, yeast.

Brass jewelry maintenance methods

We require high-grade and color retention time longer, lower damage to the human body material, is the brass gold-plated Ring. The use of pure brass playing into the hair, the surface of gold plating, so the Ring are golden inside and outside, the Ring color is more bright, keep color more durable. Flavonoids are characterized by long-term wear easy to oxidize discoloration, so you need to maintain it.

1. Separately store jewelry Do not mix with other jewelry or hard objects, to avoid the surface of the flower.

2. Avoid prolonged contact with sweat, thus corroding the surface.

3. Take a bath and remove the product when washing, Ring so as to avoid direct contact with acid and alkali substances.

4. Use water, toothpaste, soft brush cleaning can restore the surface brightness (polished, Ring scissors will not be able to recover).