How To Do With Earrings Allergies

Earring Every beauty of the girls like to play earrings earrings earrings like jewelry, but not everyone wearing earrings, because the poor body will be so allergies, then when you wear earrings allergies how do? And allergies would like to continue to wear earrings to do? Is there any skill to prevent allergies?

  Gold / white ear

  Many people wear earrings will be allergic because a lot of earrings ear is iron, and our ears are easy to careless water, water and iron products will certainly be exposed to contact, but allergies are difficult. So you can wear gold or sterling silver earrings earrings will not be allergic Oh.

  Plastic ear needles

  In addition to gold / white fungus needle, the plastic ear needle is also not react with the water, so allergies can also wear plastic earrings earrings can stop allergies

  Ear nail polish nail polish

  To prevent allergies can also use nail polish Oh, nail polish painted on the ear can be effectively isolated from the ear and ears directly contact Oh.

  Earring erythromycin

  Earring If it is still allergic, it is recommended to apply erythromycin on the ear and then wear, erythromycin can prevent allergies.

  Ear to disinfect

  Will be allergic to the crush must always give their earrings with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide disinfection Oh, often disinfection of the ear is relatively clean, it will not be easy to allergies Oh.

  Ear hole should be disinfected

  Ear sterilization is because the earrings for a long time will be attached to the dirty things easily lead to allergies, the same ear pierced earrings for a long time will also block some dust bacteria, so also to the ear hole to clean up disinfection Oh.

  Stop roadside stalls to buy earrings

  A lot of crush like to buy jewelry in the roadside stalls, in addition to cheap, the style, but the roadside stall jewelry quality is always worrying, but the quality of the off and even poor quality production, inevitably lead to allergies.

  Avoid summer ear holes

  Generally just earrings when wearing earrings is the most susceptible to allergies, especially in Earring the summer when the hot and easy to lead to ear hole inflammation, so in the fall to play ear hole is the best.

  Allergies remove the earrings

  If you have tried all aspects of wearing or earrings will be allergic, then you may belong to allergic constitution, it is recommended not to wear earrings for beauty Oh.

  No ears earrings

  If the beauty and severe allergies for such a crush is simply difficult to accept, then how to do it? It does not matter, some of the design of the earrings or take into account allergy, there is no need to pierce ear pierced earrings, not only look good, but also effectively prevent allergies yo.