Jewelry Set Package Should Be How Maintenance

Jewelry Set package should be how maintenance
Jewelry Set is so magical, can bring us infinite reverie, beautiful, romantic, noble, elegant ... then you have the heart to see them because of improper maintenance and damage? The following, Jewelry Set factory to teach you Jewelry Set package should How to maintain,

1, emerald is more brittle nature of the stones, coupled with natural emerald tend to be flawed, prone to rupture, so to avoid a strong squeeze and collision. Immersed in oil or glue to cover up its flaws is a common way to deal with emeralds. Silverware factory reminded, emerald Jewelry Set must also avoid overheating.

2, red sapphire is the most precious stones in the precious stones, Jewelry Set these two gem hardness, toughness medium, stable nature, as long as no violent collision and avoid high temperature, you can wear long.

3, gold and gold gems (including stone and cat's eye) is the hardness and toughness are good gems, Jewelry Set and thus is a very good male gem. Wear the process generally only need to avoid high temperatures, especially in the restructuring style or maintenance do not let the flame straight to the gem.
4, tourmaline is a glossy soft gem, but the disadvantage is low hardness, brittleness is also strong. And thus wear Jewelry Set made of tourmaline, should be careful not to rub with other stones, so as not to draw flowers.

Tourmaline with thermoelectricity (hence the name of tourmaline), after the sun exposure or heat will produce static electricity and adsorption of some fine dust. Therefore, people working in the dusty environment should pay attention to the usual use of alcohol and other neutral cleaning fluid to clean the gem to keep its gloss soft. At the same time tourmaline should also avoid overheating, because the heat can sometimes change the color of tourmaline.

5, Topaz (Topas), Jewelry Set moonlight gemstones should avoid collision, because both have cleavage, after the collision of stones in a direction along the crack to make it all or part of the destruction.

6, spinel, Jewelry Set garnet is a moderate hardness of the gem, generally only need not pay attention to each other can be.
7, crystal should avoid contact with radioactive material, Jewelry Set try to avoid contact with heat. Crystals are discolored in radioactive radiation (such as those who are engaged in X-ray fluoroscopy), and amethyst may have a fading color when heated
8, zircon, Jewelry Set olivine can not be put together with other gems. Zircon, olivine is the underground high temperature environment to form the gem, the nature of more brittle, hardness is also low, and thus often because of too much raw material cracks and difficult to make large stones. Gem between the finished product friction will wear the edges and corners of the gem leaving the gems lost "spirit." Silverware factory reminded that these two gems can not be hot, heat will increase its brittle. Olivine is also afraid of acid, long-term contact with acidic substances will make the surface of the gems by corrosion and weaken its luster.