Ladies Gifts Must Know How To Wear Brooch

Ladies gifts must know how to wear Brooch
Many ladies like to wear a Brooch to make themselves look more noble, but if the way to wear, then, will lead to someone else's joke Oh
The right way to wear a Brooch:
One, the place to wear
Wearing a pair of clothes, the breasts are worn on the left side; otherwise, they are worn on the left side; if the hair is left and the clothes are worn on the left side; But also led, Brooch should be worn on the right collar, or simply do not wear. The upper and lower positions of the broom should be in the parallel position between the first and second buttons.
Second, choose the style of Brooch
There are a variety of brooms on the market, you can choose some of the natural objects of the pattern of the Brooch, so look more natural, casual, generous and decent. At the same time young people can choose some youthful vitality of the Brooch, the elderly are choosing some elegant, noble style.
Third, choose to wear a Brooch place
Although the Brooch can be worn all year round, but usually do not usually choose to wear, you can choose in some ceremonies or festive time to wear.
Four, according to time
In accordance with the general habits, if you wear a Brooch during the day, generally choose not platinum diamond diamonds, because the diamond Brooch is usually a female friend at the dinner when the decorations. So we do not underestimate a small Brooch, once the attention will bring their own unnecessary embarrassment.
01 【Mini Crystal Snowflake Brooch】
Mini crystal snowflakes small Brooch, flying snow luxury luxury! With exquisite shell pearl and superb handmade craft to create this Brooch every bright moment, the group inlaid issued the kind of dazzling light, really particularly tired.
02 【Mini Crystal Snowflake Brooch】
Looks very beautiful and beautiful little Brooch, budding pink flowers have blooming blue petals, coupled with exquisite small crystal embellishment, emitting a shining light, and thin tassels more elegant style.
Europe and the United States style, exquisite crystal to create, super beauty of a Brooch, very gorgeous feeling, so nice crystal Brooch, is your best decoration!
Full of retro breathable crystal Brooch, sparkling crystal inserts, purple rhinestones, a sense of luxury, gorgeous feeling, Korean style, the best partner for decorative clothing!
Exquisite crystal inlay, in the light of the shine, it is very dazzling, red rhinestones, elegant fashion, Calla lily shape to create, exquisite.
Korean version of the style to create, lovely double heart crystal Brooch, exquisite shiny crystal inlay, very gorgeous feeling yo! Exquisite fashion, decorative suits, shirts are very good! All of a sudden you can enhance your dress taste. Gorgeous, exquisite crown shape design, a look like to like, fine workmanship, sparkling crystal, Korean style design, decorative clothing the best! Want to enhance the dress taste, choose it!