Loss Of Necklace

Loss of Necklace
No matter how complicated and complicated things, will eventually turn back to the origin.
Necklace is really good, is worth mentioning, after ten years of grinding, has long been smooth no hull.
Ten years of time, ten years of youth, and not because of the loss of the Necklace and in vain, at least there is a goal to inspire her struggle. Rather than ten years ago, all day fantasy. Not only spend time, but also eliminate the new wisdom. All day longing, will only increase the emptiness of the mind, inner trouble.
If ten years ago to know the Necklace is false, perhaps there will not be now hard-working and full of Mathilde, she may become more unreasonable, more extravagant, more love vanity, more no Rescue, more ...
Is the Necklace achievements of Mathilde. If there is no loss of the Necklace, it will not let Mathilde to recover the fantasy ambition; if there is no Necklace of the loss, there is no strong Martiel; if no Necklace is lost, maybe Mathilde will be in her The so-called aristocratic life sink, loss of self, and perhaps also lose her husband's favor, the ultimate fall of nothing, lonely poverty and end
"Man-made financial death, birds for food death", bound by them, is the material life of the demanding, "everyone from the sweep of the front of the snow, cut off others tile cream", bound them, is a selfish and cold The heart of life, people do not only desire to become bound by their yoke, as Maupassant's "Necklace", who love the vanity of the heroine Mathilde, in order to be in front of people "limelight", she spent Own precious youth, but ten years of debt hard life, and did not erase her vanity, she was afraid of losing face. So for a hanging fake chain to pay countless blood and sweat, and ultimately make their face premature aging, youth no longer.
Music is very sad. Personality is fate. After confirming the loss of the Necklace, Mathilde owed a huge debt for the friend's Necklace. Life once again fell into the trough, as soon as possible to pay off the debt, she worked hard, hard work, experienced a decade of unimaginable life. Ten years later, when she once again saw Lady Fraser, my friend told her that "the hanging Necklace is fake, the top five hundred francs" when the people really dumbfounded, ridiculous.