Married Male RingTanabata To Master True Love

Married Male RingTanabata to master true love
A lot of people struggling to choose the gift to the girlfriend's diamond Ring, but ignored his diamond Ring, when buying a wedding Ring to take into account the woman's Ring style, but also take into account the man's Ring style, so in the selection of diamond Ring This road can be described as a long way to go. Married men's Ring will be a little more simple choice than the female Ring, men's Ring can be simple and generous. Let this year's Tanabata and not the same as in previous years, hold your side of the hand, as she wear diamond Ring, into the marriage of happiness, grasp the true love.
Married men's Ring style
The upcoming Tanabata, presumably there are a large number of people have to buy the Ring needs. What are the basic styles of married male Rings? Simple and no drilling style, which is the vast majority of men choose the Ring style, because this style of Ring atmosphere without losing identity, in daily life, any place can be worn. Men's Ring width is generally 4-8 mm, fashion Ring will be more popular. Men's Ringare also diamond-studded, but diamonds are relatively small, Ring is mainly silver or rose gold, this type of Ring is more formal, suitable for formal occasions to wear, to highlight the man's gentleman, especially suitable for dress.
Married male Ring brand
Married male Ring and the female Ring is the same, with a lot of brands, each brand has its own characteristics, have their own bright spots. Now in the young people in the more popular diamond brand is the real name custom diamond Ring, and many of my friends are married when the brand is the diamond Ring. Diamond Ring and many of the country has a long history of the diamond Ring brand, it is also very young, is a young brand, but in the product in no way inferior to other old brand diamond Ring. Real name custom diamond Ring is the meaning of: in my name, crown your fingers, accompanied by life, I go hand in hand, in line with the young people's love view.
Tanabata Valentine's Day is the best gift to each other a lifetime commitment to her beloved her to marry it, give her a diamond Ring, but also to their own selection of a tall wedding male Ring, holding each other's hands, life together The Of course, if you are already a husband and wife, but also had Valentine's Day, do not think that is already old lady wife, and do not need to pursue any romantic. Tanabata is China's own Valentine's Day, in this day to each other a little romance, even if not send diamond Ring, you can also send some small gifts, flowers, scarves and other gifts, to each other a surprise, you can see each other face happy Of the smile, but also can enhance the feelings between husband and wife, to plain life to add more fun.
Marriage is a sacred moment and a critical moment because it determines the prerequisites that you can marry your beloved. Since you decide to marry a person, then she must be with you day and night to get along with the object, and you have a deep understanding of each other, you think you are the right person to marry, then buy wedding Ring in addition to choose the brand, Ring size is also a need to pay attention to the part, if the process of weaRing for her to find the Ring is not on, it will cause embarrassment, so before buying diamond Ring to understand the size of the diamond Ring is very necessary.
How to calculate the size of the wedding Ring
The size of the Ring is generally called the circle number, and the Ring number refers to the Ring within the Ring length, also known as the hand, the unit is in millimeters (mm) said. Related national standard GB / T 11888 "Jewelry Ring size definition, measurement and naming", the Ring size is made a very detailed provisions. People's hand is generally between No. 4 -26, the corresponding female circle number about 10 to 15 between the different people have very different differences. So whether you are in the purchase of Ringor other brands, must be good girlfriend's hand, pull the beloved person's hand.