Necklace Length Is Appropriate

Necklace length is appropriate
In the accessories Necklace, more than one centimeter less one centimeters are actually pay attention to. Different length size will make the Necklace to shape to open a different style of feeling. So, you want the style you need to wear the Necklace length is how long? Here, Xiaobian to come for everyone under the science.
Under normal circumstances, 16-inch (40cm) Necklace can be as perfect as the collar around the neck position. For the petite woman, will be slightly closer to the clavicle position. Most Necklaces have this length in size. It can be very good and almost all clothing with, fill the collar on the space.
18 inch (46cm) Necklace, is the most popular female size, the sag point just below the throat. The length of the Necklace matched with a slightly larger pendant, you can make up the deep V Necklace space, so that it has a clear contrast with the clothing. For the taller women, wearing the size of the Necklace will have a similar effect of the collar.
20 inch (50cm) Necklace, sagging slightly below the clavicle position, giving the feeling of a more comfortable "breathing space". Many women prefer the length of the Necklace, wear them in business or casual wear. For the high lapel sweater and hedging collar clothing, this length is also a good choice.
Princess Necklace
Length of 17-19 inches, which is 43 ~ 48cm, known as the "princess-style Necklace."
TIPS: Princess Necklace is very suitable for late summer and early autumn, you can match with the low collar and more exaggerated collar, since it can modify the face, but also very large European and American Fan children!
Martini Necklace
Lengthen the body, to enhance the gas field to rely on it!
Length of 20-24 inches, which is 50 ~ 60cm, known as the "Martini-type Necklace."
TIPS: the length of the top of the chest is very suitable for the neck is very short MM ~ modified body is also quite a gas field.
The meaning of the Necklace
The first meaning
If you are still single, friends stage, then send you Necklace, on behalf of the meaning I want to fall in love with you. Necklace is the homophonic love, on behalf of want to further enhance your relationship Oh So, to send the Necklace on behalf of the first layer of meaning is to fall in love, you need to pay attention to Oh.
The second meaning
If you are already a couple. Then send the Necklace of the second meaning is to represent the meaning of each other tied to each other. Necklace wearing parts of the neck, is very close to the heart of the place, and the Necklace will have a lock action, on behalf of the other side do not want you to be robbed by other people, would like to accompany you for life.
What is the meaning of the different Necklaces?
The meaning of the clover Necklace
Clover is a symbol of luck, the legendary Clover is Eve from the Garden of Eden to the earth, is a symbol of happiness. Clover generally have only three small leaves, leaves showing a heart-shaped appearance, the same part of the color of the leaves are also heart-like appearance, and therefore also as a symbol of romance and happiness. In many alfalfa grass to find the probability of four leaves is one hundred thousandth, so because of the rare, Clover is internationally recognized as a symbol of luck. So the clover Necklace represents happiness, health, happiness, dreams.
The meaning of the cross Necklace
The most recognized meaning of the cross Necklace is that the Necklace represents love, the cross represents Jesus, and Jesus is pure and sacred, so the cross Necklace represents a faithful love. If the boys to send girls cross Necklace, then it implies that the boys can sacrifice everything for his beloved woman, life only love her one, if the retreat will be subject to God's punishment. Similarly, if it is girls to send boys cross Necklace, then that she is willing to pay the most holy love, this life only love him.