Necklace Length Selection

Necklace length selection
When you are ready to buy a string of pearl Necklaces as a gift to your friends and relatives or yourself, you should consider what kind of length is the most appropriate. Pearl Necklace length and the wearer's height should be matched, according to its length traditionally divided the following categories to the wearer height 165-170cm, weight 45-55kg as a reference.
Another point to note is that the pearl to pick up a little wider than other types of Necklaces, so its length to do a little longer, for some large pearls, it is recommended to make a little longer Necklace, because the pearl itself Has been quite big.
Pearl Necklace is a personal wear jewelry, with the characteristics of personality, the length will vary from person to person, so a good jewelry website should be able to provide a variety of pearl Necklace length.
Three or more about 30cm short Necklace side by side to wear, close fit neck, with the Victorian era of luxury, very suitable for V-collar, ship collar or strapless low-cut evening dress with.
41cm pearl Necklace is the most practical length, the length of the Necklace hanging down just above the collar a little place. Classic style and versatility make it not only suitable for everyday life, but also suitable for dinner wear. Daily work, Sven's shirt, style skirt, and then take this with the perfect length of the pearl Necklace, elegant and intellectual.
This length is suitable for most people, many young girls like this short Necklace, in fact, it is also a lot of girls in the life of the first string of pearl Necklace.
Princess Necklace length of about 46cm, longer than the short Necklace, it hanging down the length of the collar line slightly below, just in the front to form a "V" font lines, bring out a good collar lines.
It is also suitable for with low collar and more exaggerated collar. 46cm pearl Necklace is considered the pearl Necklace among the most classic length. If you are not sure what length is right for you, choosing 46cm will be your most sensible choice.
The pearl Necklace is about 58cm in length. It is longer than the princess type, but slightly shorter than the length of the opera Necklace.
This length is very suitable for matching high collar is also suitable for short neck women. Petite ladies wear this Necklace to produce a sense of hierarchy, in the visual play the effect of stretching. In addition, wearing this type of Necklace, the color of clothing should be softer, decoration should not be too much.
Suitable for informal occasions or commercial activities to wear. The best and high collar with a match, can be in the high collar is too formal elements, increase the affinity. Martini-type pearl Necklace is also very suitable with a long paragraph with a long skirt and skirt. It gives the wearer a sense of luxury and confidence.
Hanging down the length just in the middle of the chest, the length can also produce a good sense of hierarchy. Opera-style Necklace can also be wrapped into two strings of short Necklaces, to achieve a different kind of effect. At the same time the length of the Necklace for a variety of styles of collar.
There are a variety of ways to wear, you can mix with a high collar, you can also wrapped two laps into a stylish collar collar Necklace modeling, can also be in the collar or chest above a knot, now this kind of retro elements are becoming A fashion. In the past, opera pearl Necklace can only be used with formal dress, and now used to match the informal casual clothes to become a new fashion.
You can choose a different way to wear. Elegant and sexy long Necklace suitable for wearing a variety of dinners. You can wrap it into two strings or three strings of short Necklaces to create a sense of hierarchy. In the chest to play it a knot, extreme luxury temperament is more prominent.
Today we have seen in some senior fashion magazines this retro style of wear, and seems to have become popular now. With a halter, make a knot in the chest and then around the shoulder in the back hanging down to highlight the beauty of the back.