Necklace Necklace Wearing Method The

Necklace Necklace wearing method wearing a necklace should be and their own age and size coordination. Such as neck slender ladies wear silk chain, even more exquisite and charming; whip thick ripe, suitable for older women choose. Wearing necklaces and clothing should also echo. For example: dressed in soft, elegant silk dress skirt, it should wear exquisite, delicate necklace, look charming and moving; wear monochrome or plain clothing, should wear brightly colored necklace. In this way, under the embellishment of jewelry, clothing color can be rich and active.

  Necklace Wearing necklaces in style, color and clothing matching, we should note the following:

  1, pay attention to style on the road, size is accurate.

  Necklace size depending on the human, neck thick, size to be larger, and vice versa is smaller. Collar necklace, do not deserve pendant; wear three lapel and high-necked sweaters, sweaters, necklaces to wear in the clothes outside the necklace, wearing a necklace, , Pendant to no water chest burr, so as not to friction with each other.

  2, to consider the decorative effect, clothing with.

  If you want to wear out the necklace on the pendant, the necklace should not be too long too thick. If you only consider the necklace of the beautiful, but also pay attention to the necklace style and clothing style with some of the use of a single string, and some use a multi-string type.

  3, to pay attention to different material matching effect.

  Necklace Different materials and different clothing styles will have a different effect, if wearing a red suit skirt, coupled with a gold necklace, look warm, suitable for attendance festive banquet and other occasions; if wearing a blue polyester polyester yarn dress, with a Root silver necklace, will appear gentle and cheerful, charming and charming; sometimes in the tight sports skirt, coupled with a gold necklace, will make you more light and lively; if put on a light green and white flowers and white polyester Joe's yarn dress, coupled with a silver pearl necklace, will make you full of cool and cool atmosphere; if put on a clean white with red beads, will appear more beautiful and rich charm.