Sweater Necklace With How Clothes

Sweater Necklace with how clothes
Sweater Necklace with how clothes? Winter wear a sweater inevitably some monotonous, this time best equipped with a sweater Necklace, you can make the whole match becomes rich. So how to match the sweater Necklace? Followed by Xiaobian to understand it
Wine red sweater + pattern sweater chain
Wine red sweater, classic and retro, hollow stitching design is very special, exudes a strong unique personality, with a simple pattern of sweater chain, the overall effect with full of gentle and elegant feeling, for this retro wind sweater A lot of it
Striped sweater + diamond sweater chain
Short before the long Korean striped sweater, black and white with three colors, reveals a calm ladies taste, more special. And with the sweater chain, is made of black and white beads in a row, it is sweet and lovely, the most eye-catching to lose that diamond pendant, so dull tone more vibrant.
Printed sweater + round sweater chain
Very interesting a sweater, fusion of stitching design and printing elements, very stylish Western style. With a silver sweater chain, a lot of circle composed of the design, the feeling of the overall effect of a lot of full, both echo each other, more modeling highlights. Do you like this sweater chain with it?
Black blouse + shiny beads sweater chain
By the small beads of regular string into the white sweater chain, looks quite ladies Fan children, matched with a large bright flash beads pendant, the same white design makes the overall feeling more noble. Making this sweater chain with more charming sweet.
How many girls want to dress up their own beautiful, wearing some jewelry can add a lot of glory, but some people wear a Necklace allergy, which is really embarrassing, how should we do it?
Coping 1, Necklace to avoid sweating when wearing
Try to avoid wearing when sweating in hot days. The emergence of the neck itching the best situation less hand grasp, to prevent infection, a few days later they can reduce the elimination.
2, Necklace isolated allergens
On the metal and other properties of people allergic to wear Necklaces, rings and other jewelry local skin itching, from erythema. Severe skin will burn, peeling or appear systemic urticaria. The most fundamental and effective way is to isolate allergens. With a transparent tape attached to the back of the metal buckle, which can play a mechanical barrier effect, but also will not affect the appearance. Try to avoid wearing gold, silver, nickel and other most likely to cause dermatitis jewelry.
Response 3, purchase attention
Some low prices, the production process rough jewelry, Necklace and some also contain some radioactive material, after wearing, easily lead to skin damage. So the purchase should pay attention to quality.