The Correct WeaRing Of The Ring And The Meaning Of Romantic And Interesting Interpretation

The correct weaRing of the Ring and the meaning of romantic and interesting interpretation

Small Ring but its significance varies with the method of wear, wear where fingers, wear the Ring, what colour will reflect your heart and emotional state, so, you know all the wear Ring method and the significance, small make up for your science now.

The Ring has a strong symbolic significance since ancient times, so it is very elegant and has different meanings.

According to western tradition, the left hand shows god's luck, which is connected with the heart. So it makes sense to wear a Ring on your left hand (it's not very convenient to wear your right hand).

International popular weaRing is: index finger -- want to marry, say unmarried; Middle finger -- already in love; Ring finger - means to be engaged or married; Pinky - celibate.

As for the right hand, there is traditionally a saying that it is on the Ring finger.

It is said to be worn here, indicating the heart of a nun.

And, of course, there is a Ring that wherever you wear don't have any meaning, this kind of Ring is generally flower Ring, it only have the effect of a kind of adornment, can wear in anywhere you want to finger, without any constraint. Not weaRing a Ring also means "the famous flower has no Lord, you can chase me".

The Ring is more than an ornament, which type of Ring you like to wear, and which finger you like to wear.

For women, they love pink diamonds or pink coral: emotional and romantic. Love ruby or red tourmaline: fire like fire. Love sapphire or aquamarine: more reserved. Love emerald or Turkish rock: emotional weakness.

For men, wear a silver Ring: gentle and accommodating to others. Diamond Ring: a more important interest, often a shrewd business acumen. Dai jade jade: pay attention to the quality of taste, the strict management.

Finger and Ring are worn on different fingers, which can reflect the psychological meaning of personality. In the index finger: the personality is more extreme and stubborn. In the right middle finger, I admire the mean life concept. To be in the left middle finger: have a sense of responsibility, value family. Like a small finger: have a sense of inferiority. To wear on the Ring finger: no ambition, easy going, not to care about gain or loss.

According to our country's habits, engagement Rings are usually worn on the middle finger of the left hand, and the wedding Ring is worn on the Ring finger of the left hand; If unmarried girl, should wear the middle finger or Ring finger in the right hand, otherwise, will make a lot of pursuers put off. By weaRing the Ring on your index finger, you are longing for a perfect marriage, and the little finger says you want to stay single. Others use the simple "follow, beg, order, marry, leave" five words to indicate that the Ring is worn on five fingers.

In fact, the weaRing and meaning of different fingers of the Ring were recorded in ancient Roman literature. The ancient Romans believed that weaRing a Ring on your thumb could help you achieve your goals and succeed. Index finger is the direction of the finger, the Ring is in the index finger, your personality will become outgoing and independent; In the middle finger, it is best to create an atmosphere of freedom and cheerfulness, which can make your inspiration flow and become more attractive. From the beginning of ancient Rome, it was customary to wear a wedding Ring on the Ring finger, because the ancient Romans said that the Ring finger was connected to the heart and was best suited for making sacred vows. WeaRing a Ring on a pinkie is conveying a seductive message.