The Five Designs Of The Jewelry Set

The five designs of the Jewelry Set

Classical style

The jewelry is modeled on an original or replica of the original or replica in almost all jewelry stores and boutiques. Different materials can be used in production; There are usually precious metals and jewelry, and there are exceptions. These Jewelry Set are easy to foil in any personal style and can be used in both formal and informal Settings.

National style

This is one of the most popular styles in the past few years. Designers of this style create works of art, and different traditional works have no conflict. This is the element of Africa, Japan and India. Of course, the producers try to use the materials that correspond to the cultural traditions they describe: glass beads, wood, bones, coconut shells, pearls, plant seeds, etc. These jewels are suitable for casual wear.

Natural or ecological

This style evokes more and more interest, because the concept of harmony between man and nature keeps growing. All eco - style Jewelry Set are made of 100% natural materials such as wood, leather, seashells, rocks and jewelry. "Nature" always attracts lots of attention and positive energy.

A style of art

This kind of jewelry is often unconventional and sometimes charming. These Jewelry Set are highly valued because of their original artistic ideas and their participation in their creative craftsmanship. The combination of seemingly irreconcilable materials is the key to the art of creating these unique and beautiful specimens. This type of product is not suitable for casual or casual wear, but mostly for fashion reviews or photos.

Odd style

This is a special kind of contemporary Jewelry Set, a blend of unusual material, determined by new technology and brave designers. The material of their products is a perfect combination of fresh, attractive colors and unique design methods. They are more expensive Jewelry Set in the market, but true connoisseurs know the most important determinants of price. Remember, these categories are vague and there are many different subtypes.

Silver we all know it's valuable and valuable. But it also has a side we don't know about. According to compendium of compendium of compendium of compendium of compendium of compendium of compendium of compendium of compendium of compendium, silver has "the five dirty, fixed mind, cure fright, jian bone, town heart, clear order" effect. It is also said that pure silver also has the effect of timidity. As a result, the folk in many places have the custom of wearing silver ornaments for children. The people call it, it is advantageous for the child to expel "the fetal poison", can also act to calm the god, the effect that dispel evil.

First, the best "meth" metal in a pure Jewelry Set. It is said that every day there is a "toxin" in the body, and silver, a metal, can absorb these toxins. Because of, the oxidation sex of pure silver, luster persistence will be different because of person's constitution, namely, the person that physique good person wears pure Jewelry Set, will wear more and more bright; People with weaker health wear a pure Jewelry Set, and if there are more toxins in the body, it can slowly lead to black hair. So often wear pure Jewelry Set, can help the toxin in the body to effectively discharge, can also be able to test the role of excessive toxin in the body in time. This is one reason why some people are looking for a pure Jewelry Set.

Second, pure silver products can generate magnetic fields within a certain range, releasing silver ions according to the environment. This silver ion can stimulate energy, so wearing silver is also a health care function. Only surface electroplating silver Jewelry Set, and the lack of the purity of silver Jewelry Set, there is almost no this kind of effect, on the contrary, if wear man's constitution is poorer, too much because of chemical reactions or harmful elements and cause poisoning, allergic phenomenon.