Use Bridal Earring For Tips On Bridal Earring

Use bridal Earring for tips on bridal Earring

Most brides struggle to wear Earring, wear bridal Earring and have no research, and, as usual, the idea is wrong.

Face big or cheekbones high people choose whether hair or the choose and buy Earring are the bride Earring to buy skills, for a long time to marry small plait that teach you according to face the choose and buy the bride deserve to act the role of Earring skills.

Tips for bridal Earring:

1. The face is big, big face eyebrow in the United States should not be round Earring, had better wear large Earring or a triangle, small water droplets form on the next big Earring, can reduce the cheek of broad sense, have the effect of spin face on the vision.

Square face: square face needs to be visually soft to the face line. Choose flower shape, heart shape, elliptical ear ring, can smooth the face diamond Angle very well, reduce facial line too apparent defect.

3. Long face: it is best to choose the round Earring with tight ears to reduce longitudinal extension. Button-down Earring and studs are good choices.

A heart-shaped face (the face with a sharp chin) : suitable for a ring, round edge, etc.

5. Frame: can choose the sort of bottom width, upper narrow Earring, used to balance the pointed chin, water droplets form, triangle or stud Earring are very suitable oh, but if it is the top width, upper narrow "inverted triangle", don't try!

6. Oval face: the east women's traditional standard face, almost anything can wear Earring, but also pay attention to the size of the Earring should consistent with their overall feelings, with their bodies, info and clothing fit in order to perfect and moving.

Pearl and beauty are more attractive and attractive. Take a look at the bride pearl Earring collocation, the collocation of pearl Earring can comply with the laws of the following, coupled with personal preferences, hair, makeup and wedding theme, let a sparkling bride wedding.

The collocation of pearl Earring: complementary law

(1) the direction of the line: the horizontal line has a wide and short feeling, the vertical line gives the feeling of thin, and the oblique line has the effect of increasing and losing weight. Therefore, the vertical line of pearl Earring will have a longer effect.

(2) repetitive jewelry: there is an emphatic role, so don't stress facial weakness, don't wear repetitive jewelry. For example, the shape of the face is not suitable to wear many circles of circular Earring or multiple pearl necklaces. Instead, you can opt for this type of shape.

(3) height and proportion: the jewelry should have a correct proportion to your height and body type. Correct, is the average habit and affection proportion, is just right, not too small or too big proportion.

Round/short face shape: if the face is round and round, choose the pearl Earring with straight line. The long and thin pieces of jewelry that can be elected with vertical lines are like a thin chain, a rod eardrop, to achieve the effect of "stretching" the face. The circle and circle design makes the face look more round. The pearl Earring with the obvious Angle of the line can accentuate the cheekbones, reducing the feeling of fat.

Earring are a must-have item for every bride, and a small role can make you shine, so it's necessary to know the rules of the pearl Earring