Wearing A Brooch Is Equal To Put On A Coat

Wearing a Brooch is equal to put on a coat
Autumn and winter dress, always need some jewelry to embellish shape, Brooch is an indispensable single product. The existence of Brooches, not only the royal family, politicians show elegant identity details of the embellishment, is also a fashion with a symbol of jewelry. From the beginning of the 40s, it became a woman in the dress of an elegant finishing touch. Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, etc., that era of fashion Icon, will be in the dress to wear a jewelry Brooch. Today, the Brooch is not only elegant and noble performance, it is also fashionable, will be worn on the chest, chest, and even waist and other parts, according to the different dress to wear a delicate Brooch, the same is fashion A sublimation.
In a variety of jewelry styles, perhaps Brooches are relatively "unpopular" single product, for most people, the Brooch seems more like a mature woman's logo, but this is not the case. In addition to the need to change the style of choice, the way to wear is also the key to make the Brooch become fashionable. Needless to say, the chest side is the most classic way, but the collar, waist, chest, etc., are showing the different place to wear a Brooch. When you look at these ways of wearing, it may be time to make the chest become fun.
One, chest side
In the Brooch wearing the manual, the chest side is the most classic way, from the royal family to the Hollywood actress, Brooch is almost these women show noble and elegant temperament signs. But in the show floor, for a Brooch style, it will be worn on the side of the sweater, it will show a different style.
Second, the middle of the collar
In addition to the chest side, the chest to wear in the collar position, the same will show a very different style. Not only embellished the collar of the monotonous sense, but also to highlight the chisel chic and details of the highlights.
Third, around the collar
Perhaps a Brooch will look too monotonous, so you can try, will be a variety of different Brooch in a way around wearing a collar, showing a baroque and novel fashionable style.
Four, chest in the middle
Although the middle of the chest and the side is very similar, but it can be a link between the collar, while the decoration also played an effective role in the embellishment.
Five, chest position
Brooch is also showing a sexy woman decorations, it will be worn in the chest position, whether it is evening dress or sweater, have added a sexy charm.
Six, collar side
Choose to wear a Brooch in the collar side, not only can be decorated collar, the same will make the overall shape becomes novel and unique. More importantly, the style of exaggerated Brooch will be more fashionable.
Seven, waist side
As long as there is unlimited creativity, the Brooch can be worn in any position, it can also be the waist of the decorations. With the sweater and short section between, not only show a different way to wear, but also can make the shape becomes novel and unique.
Eight, middle of the waist
When the Brooch appears in the middle of the waist, in addition to play the decorative effect, but also showing a unique sense of beauty, but also the connection between the fashion mix and match charm.