What Is The Standard Of High-end Necklace?

What is the standard of high-end Necklace?
First, from the material side. Usually pure gold, sterling silver and other precious metals is not a common material for making Necklaces. The preferred material for high-end Necklaces is copper, especially copper copper. Because the red copper material is softer, you can easily make a variety of text or pattern above. In addition, copper also has good resistance to erosion, wear resistance, forging and excellent mechanical function, so that copper is the preferred material for high-end Necklace.
Second, the Necklace of the production process is to determine whether a Necklace is one of the high-end factors. Generally speaking, whenever the high-end items, the manufacturing process will be more complex. Enamel technology is one of the most complex processes in Necklace manufacturing, so the enamel Necklace is a real high-end Necklace. As enamel enamel and enamel process similar, so imitation enamel Necklace can also be regarded as high-end Necklace. The printing Necklace, bite version of the Necklace, Dijiao Necklace and paint Necklace, the process is relatively simple, can only be regarded as ordinary Necklace. Metal Necklace custom manufacturers [specializing] to remind, especially with stainless steel or iron, tinplate, alloy and other materials manufacturing Necklace, especially for cost control have special requirements of customers.
In addition, the Necklace design, Necklace accessories will also affect the quality of the Necklace. A real high-quality Necklace, its design (style, etc.) must also be reasonable, high-grade. Metal Necklace custom manufacturers [specializing] to tell you in the accessories, usually also use more high-end accessories, such as safety pins, flat head cap, packaging will use high-grade wooden box, flocking boxes and the like. Of course, what kind of accessories, but also depends on the usefulness of the Necklace.
Also, a high-quality Necklace requirements of the surface plating part of the bubble-free, into the color to be uniform, generally also through the rough, fine two polished, enamel or imitation enamel after the first through the grinding stone, Welding with silver welding, plating method for the hanging plating. If you do antique, can not be painted with the method, but after the first plating to throw the ancient. And so on, these are a high-quality Necklace must be the process.
Usually in the production of metal Necklace when the customer understanding of the process of Necklace is not enough, the metal Necklace manufacturers have not been able to explain to customers in detail the Necklace production process is also different results, so that after the Necklace is made out of the customer's expectations did not meet, Both sides in time and money have suffered losses, and even some of the contradictions have occurred misunderstanding.