What The Word Engraved Of Ring

What the word engraved of Ring
With the improvement of people's living standards, the people spend more and more money on the wedding, wedding-related products and services are gradually enriched. The Ring almost became the standard of the wedding, on this basis, wedding Ring custom service is also in full swing to start with. Custom Ring is the most important part of a letteRing, then, wedding letteRing are generally carved what? Here, we recommend some of the contents of the wedding letteRing.
Wedding letteRing - special anniversary
Engraved on the inner wall of the contents of the Ring must be the meaning of both sides of the extraordinary symbol of love, so belong to the anniversary of your two is a good choice. Whether it is to meet the anniversary, love day, or the other's birthday, as long as the two are enough for the day can be carved down.
Engraving letter - name abbreviation
The name of the two abbreviations into the Ring is also a good idea, said engraved name, had to mention is the real name Ring diamond Ring, its meaning "in my name, crown your fingers, accompanied by life, I go hand in hand" Speak is the name of each other engraved into the Ring wall, worn in the fingers, accompanied by life. Such a good moral, especially for the desire to pursue romantic love couple.
Wedding letteRing - special words
In addition to the above two more common letteRing, young couples can also pursue some more creative ideas. Can be only two people can identify the secret language, it can be a commemorative symbol, expression or logo. In short, as long as you two little secret, it is full of mysterious and romantic colors.
Wedding Ring letter is the most creative or known as "love Ring," said the diamond Ring, it is the first wedding Ring in the real name custom Hong Kong diamond Ring brand, it is learned that each diamond Ring are required real name customization, that is, men with ID card number custom, Name and Ring life binding, not modified; and diamond Ring life only one person, means that life only love one person, it is very romantic and unique.
In fact, the letter of the letter is not important, as long as the love is between the two of the "love of the secret language", enough romantic and moving, like real-name Ring, are weaRing their fingertips life never forget Promise of.
The best night of the world, people look forward to heart, and fear of heart, looking forward to marriage means that opened the door to the new world, can have a life has never experienced before, in the direction of the It is a perfect wedding, the most important thing is to ask for a marriage to buy a Ring, when the bride and groom exchange the moment of the Ring, two people is the ethics On the real couple. Marriage to buy a Ring to choose a good selection of custom Ring, give you a good moral, so that your love has a beautiful beginning, to the future, leaving a perfect memorial.
Wedding Ring is the wedding ceremony, the priest read the oath after the bride and groom exchange wedding Ring, when the exchange of the Ring later, even if the ceremony was, even if the two are ethical couples. Wedding Rings are worn on the left hand Ring finger, because it is said that the Ring finger is the nearest place from the heart, indicating that two people heart to heart, mind interlinked, heart of consonance, love birds, fly together. Wedding Ring is a symbol of a person's identity, weaRing a wedding Ring, it means that marriage, you can save a lot of unnecessary rotten peach. And wedding Rings will generally have letteRing, is to show that two people love is unique, will be Haikushilan, grow old together.
Marriage to buy a Ring, the most worry is to buy what kind of Ring, because the market of goods quite mixed, true and false difficult to distinguish, good and bad, so pick a good wedding Ring is not easy. Here are a few coup must remember, one is to buy a Ring to buy, whether it is in the physical store or online to buy, first to authenticate the official flagship store, not to be deceived, there is a diamond Ring when you want to see the official diamond Ring Certificate, to confirm that it is genuine. Buy diamond Ring, to be certified real name custom diamond Ring, in my name, crown your fingers, accompanied by life, I go hand in hand, is the most beautiful commitment to love.