Women Must Know The Knowledge Of Ring Maintenance

Women must know the knowledge of Ring maintenance
Beauty of the heart of all people, especially female friends, born to stop the temptation of the Ring Ring, they are put it down. Buy a Ring is a happy thing, of course, you know how to use and maintenance is also an important thing, because the Ring Ring if not get the right use and maintenance will make the Ring hurt, luster, more likely to make the main stone loose, Fall or lose. Now, with a good Ring Ring manufacturers to see the correct way to maintain the Ring it
One, do not always touch.

The Ring is worn on the body to protect the clean, it seems very simple is not easy, many people see the Ring beautiful and charming, which can not help but touch the surface of the gem, this approach will actually affect the gilt of the luster and brightness.

Ring manufacturers to remind people from time to time in the skin surface excretion of sweat and oil, the hand is the most vulnerable to touch the body parts, so the skin is often contaminated on the surface of the hand, hand touch gems, the hands of the oil is Easy to stay in the gem above, while the impact of gemstones and brightness. In particular, diamonds are lipophilic gemstones, the surface easily contaminated with oil, greatly affect the luster. But the emerald white jade is a collective structure, often touch it can make jade more moist and lovely.
Second, with toothpaste cleaning Ring wrong!

Circled in the Ring circle of a saying: with a toothbrush stained with toothpaste brush Ring, the Ring can be used as bright as new. In this regard, a good Ring Ring manufacturers must be said to be a big mistake. Cleaning the Ring should be, but with toothpaste is not ideal, because the toothpaste contains fine high hardness grinding particles, these particles are very small but the hardness of up to six or seven degrees (almost the same with the crystal), so wash the Ring with toothpaste Will damage the surface of the gemstone lower than the hardness of the crystal, especially the Ring, gold and gold surface. The Ring is absolutely free from toothpaste cleaning, the most correct washing solution should be diluted neutral surfactant (eg salad off, baby shampoo).

Three, tap water damage Ring luster

Some people wear a few Rings later want to clean and maintenance, do not know with tap water for a short time on the impact of the Ring is not, but if used to Qinshuo Ring, you must not. Because tap water has a fixed amount of chlorine (C1), will damage the luster of the Ring surface, in fact, bubble wash the Ring should be the best mineral water.

In addition, weaRing a Ring after it will be sent to the bank's safe before the first washing and maintenance, so as not to accumulate in the future for too long to make the Ring discoloration, to keep the bank notes and custody of the bank, because the relative humidity is relatively low, its storage Conditions are not suitable for Rings and other properties of precious stones, such as Rings, protein ... ... and so on, so be removed from time to time, soaked in water and add humidity.
Fourth, timely removal, is maintenance

Ring manufacturers remind that the right to wear Rings should be people, things, time, place, different things and diligent in the replacement or removal, but for busy modern people may be no way. But at least in the hand-washing when it is best to remove it, because some of the soap with varying degrees of alkaline substances, over time for the more fragile gems, may cause an injury, and soap soap is also easy to stuck in the Ring Of the slit, which greatly affect the gilt of the luster and brightness. Moreover, bathing, doing housework, swimming, etc., but also easy to make the stones collided and injured.